Who We Are.

Michael Luther – Executive Chef & Owner

Chef Mike took what was once a rabid hobby of culinary creations, and honed his skills in the commercial kitchen after 20 years of finance. First, it was with Red Cedar Grill. Luther delivered again with a masterfully dynamic + playful menu at Bridge Street Social, drawing from influences and loves from Italy, Greece, Spain, Morocco, and the Southwest U.S.

Always seeking new flavors, Chef Mike is redrawing the menu, often as quickly as every 6 weeks.


Justin King – Owner

Justin has logged an exciting 17 years in the wine industry, as a retailer, in sales, and now in restaurants. He is an Advanced Sommelier through the Court of Master Sommeliers. He has previously worked as sommelier at The Stand Gastro Bistro in Birmingham, and as Wine Director at Red Haven.
Justin was also named Best New Sommelier in Wine & Spirits Magazine’s October 2017 issue.


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At Bridge Street Social, we firmly believe in mentorship and education for our staff. It’s a matter of striving to be the best hospitality persons we can be. Education is never a weapon, and we have no interest in treating it as such.

We believe that the discipline of education is what helps our employees build their career trajectory in a manner that they see fit, that can help them achieve their goals, far beyond when they stop working for us and Bottleneck Hospitality.

Bottleneck Hospitality pays for all employee exams through the Court of Master Sommeliers, should the employee pass, and stay with us for a year afterward. 

So far, the results have been exciting.

Devin Hekkema – Introductory Sommelier Exam – 2017

Christian Gray – Introductory Sommelier Exam – 2017

Justin King – Advanced Sommelier Exam – 2017

Rob Klaver – Introductory Sommelier Exam – 2018 

Joe Todd – Introductory Sommelier Exam – 2018 

Christian Gray – Certified Sommelier Exam – 2018

Devin Hekkema – Certified Sommelier Exam – 2018

John Madigan – Introductory Sommelier Exam – 2019

Rob Klaver – Certified Sommelier Exam – 2019 
(scholarship winner for top score)

Joe Todd – Certified Sommelier Exam – 2020