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Do you want to work at Bridge Street Social?

Bridge Street Social will always be looking for motivated servers, bartenders, and cooks.


Here is what we plan on offering to everyone that joins the team:


*We believe in giving our servers and other employees unprecedented access to taste the wines, beers and spirits that we serve to our guests. This is important to us because we want our staff to be dialed in to what we are providing to our guests, so our guests have their ideal experience. This includes tasting through likely *all* of the 150 wines that we will carry by the glass, as well as our beers and spirits.


*WE WILL PAY FOR ANY Court of Master Sommeliers Exam that our staff wants to take, so long as they pass, and they stay with us for a year after the exam. Currently, the Introductory Course and Exam is $525. That’s on our tab if you come to work for us.


*A community of like-minded people that believe in hospitality and are passionate about learning, catering to our guests, and building something for their career.


*Constant opportunities to taste wines blind in tasting groups, as well as everyday access to a food & beverage library of more than 100 books.


*If the timing is not right for you to join the team, fear not! We will still be running blind tasting groups and fun educational seminars that anyone in the public may attend.


Simply put, we want passionate people working for us who have dreams, and we will do everything we can to put you in a position to succeed. But empathy is hospitality. It starts there.




Justin King
Owner & General Manager – BSS
Certified Sommelier – Court of Master Sommeliers
talk to me – justingking [@]